Make a Difference

Donate Food & Items

To keep things simple and efficient, Caring 4 Kids distributes about a dozen food items.

Donations are accepted Thursdays at the Caring 4 Kids Campus at 330 Tin Street, Henderson, NV 89015.  You can also contact the Caring 4 Kids hotline at (702) 544-1400 to make special arrangements for delivery or pick-up of donated items.

Caring 4 Kids welcomes any and all support, though we prefer donations of food and personal items. Monetary donations are also greatly appreciated, and our donor screening committee will ensure that expectations are successfully managed on all sides. To make a monetary donation, please contact the office at (702) 544-1400.

Hold a Caring 4 Kids a Food Drive

It is easier than you think to organize a 4 Kids-Friendly Food Drive! Caring 4 Kids staff will work with businesses, neighborhood associations, schools, faith-based organizations, book clubs and other groups to ensure a fun, successful food drive!

We provide all the materials you need, including a Food List, our Caring 4 Kids Foundation logo and a press release describing our organization and purpose.

Food Drives can be organized with almost any entity or venue, including businesses, faith-based groups, book clubs, neighborhoods, etc. You will save considerable time and energy with the following tips and advice from people that have run successful food drives. It comes down to common sense, time management and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. If you are considering a food drive:

Set a goal – Setting goals keeps everyone focused on the same desired result. People feel a great sense of accomplishment when goals are met or surpassed. Remember, once achieved a goal loses some motivation and momentum, so you also need to reset goals.

Set dates and deadlines – When the Food Drive has a specific time frame with clear start and end dates, people are more likely to attain their individual goals, and less likely to procrastinate.

Have a central collection location – Centralization eliminates possible confusion about how and where to donate.

Make it a contest – People love to compete and win, and with Food Drives, the children win!

Make the Food Lists accessible – Caring 4 Kids has quite specific food needs for its programs, with approximately 12 items to distribute, so it is extremely important that people follow the Food List specifications. Due to many recalls involving peanut butter products, we do not want items with peanut butter or peanuts in them.

Communicate the need – While promoting your food drive, also ensure that the public understands why Caring 4 Kids does what it does. You are not simply collecting food. You are also educating people about hungry children in America, and giving them an opportunity to meet the need and make a difference. This keeps the momentum going, so if you need any more information about our organization, just let us know!

Become a Caring 4 Kids Volunteer

Caring 4 Kids is 98% volunteer-based, and owes its success to the many volunteers that occupy essential roles in almost every area of the organization. As a non-profit group that faces a tough, weekly deadline, the partnerships we grow in the community are vital.

We make it easy for everyone to participate in “making a difference” close to home. Various opportunities are available for individuals and groups, and we work with anyone who wants to help. We will accommodate people at every level of mental and physical ability, and at any age, including children (an adult must accompany children under 16).

Caring 4 Kids directly feeds about 500 children every week in Las Vegas, as well undertaking special projects and a growing number of partnership efforts. The work is hands-on and involves several steps, allowing volunteers to choose from the following diverse activities:

Prep Work – Volunteers are responsible for gathering warehouse inventory, counting and sorting food items, and organizing the food stations where the bags are assembled. Volunteers work together in a casual, communitarian atmosphere that fosters a sense of community while offering deep personal satisfaction. The nature of the work may require some light lifting, walking and bending.

Bag Assembly – Caring 4 Kids’ “Bag-a-Bunch” process involves working with other volunteers in an assembly line, filling bags for Friday delivery. It is such an enjoyable, team-building environment that many businesses, organizations and charitable groups choose this volunteer activity with Caring 4 Kids to reach their own community service goals.

Delivery Day – “Delicious Delivery Days” are usually Fridays, marking the culmination of all the work we do throughout the week. Volunteers get to hand-deliver weekend bags to the schools, and some schools even allow supervised interaction with the children. Different schools have different rules, but volunteers can choose whichever situations fit their comfort level, and all the schools to which we deliver are within a few miles of our current warehouse/office location. Volunteers report that these deliveries are a tremendously satisfying part of working with Caring 4 Kids, and all it takes is a valid Nevada driver’s license, the ability to do some light lifting and reliable transportation. Volunteer drivers pay for their own gas.

Become a volunteer today! It’s easy! Simply submit a volunteer application at our office at 330 Tin Street, Henderson, NV 89015 and we will add your name to our Active Volunteer Database (AVD). We keep volunteers informed of the available opportunities and upcoming events via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and our online newsletter.

If you are unable to coordinate your schedule to be involved in the activities listed for volunteering, you may wish to sponsor a school or coordinate a 4 Kids-Friendly Food Drive.