About the Caring 4 Kids Foundation

Caring 4 Kids is a grassroots organization dedicated to eliminating childhood hunger.

The Caring 4 Kids Foundation tackles childhood hunger head-on by distributing bags of food, every single week, to the homeless, hungry and at-risk children of Las Vegas. From grassroots beginnings, Caring 4 Kids has grown into an effective organization based on a foundation of community partnerships, volunteers and donations.

Caring 4 Kids began in 2005 as “Corps of Compassion,” a Hurricane Katrina relief effort organized by founder Scott Sullivan. The group fed tens of thousands of displaced victims the first 60 days after the disaster, helped relocate thousands of families to Nevada and established a warehouse to supply them with food and necessities for free. As Katrina victims returned to their lives and their needs lessened, the organization became the Caring 4 Kids Foundation and turned to the task of feeding the homeless and at-risk children in Las Vegas, in a way that is now being emulated across the country.

The Caring 4 Kids Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, specifically targets children that would not otherwise have food. The group works directly with schools to determine their precise needs, then meets those needs by accepting donations of food and personal items, organizing food drives and arranging special contributions from select patrons.

These vital donations and the efforts of committed volunteers enable Caring 4 Kids to deliver bags of food to hundreds of needy children every week. Since the children are fed at school during the week, but go without meals on the weekends, they are sent home with a bag of food on Friday afternoon. Volunteers have the opportunity to hand bags of food to these children personally, visit with them briefly, say a few encouraging words – and offer them hope.

Since its inception, the Caring 4 Kids Foundation has delivered more than 60,000 weekend bags of food to homeless and at-risk children.

Meet the Founder

Scott Sullivan, Founder of Caring 4 Kids Foundation

Scott Sullivan, Founder of Caring 4 Kids Foundation

A lifelong entrepreneur, Scott Sullivan was not yet 30 years old when he co-founded a fleet management company, Fuelman of Baton Rouge, with his older brother. At the same time that the two were building this thriving business, Scott was becoming increasingly well known as a successful motivational speaker and personal/professional development coach.

Drawing lessons and insights from his own life to encourage growth and success in others, Scott has spoken in front of more than 3,300 groups and corporations in the U.S, Australia, Mexico, Canada, London and the Bahamas. He focuses his instruction on leadership skills, team-building exercises and how to make a difference in one’s business and personal life.

In 2005, confronted by the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Scott immediately organized teams of family, friends and community members into the Corps of Compassion, one of the first groups to physically get water and supplies into New Orleans. This grassroots effort, facilitated by Scott, fed more than 20,000 people in the first 60 days following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina.

Working side-by-side with emergency crews and other volunteers to aid victims, Scott lived in shelters with evacuees and began filling as many of their needs as possible. Actions of this character have earned him the nickname, “the hero next door.” By delivering immediate aid and information to people in distress, Corps of Compassion helped tens of thousands of evacuees, first responders and citizens of New Orleans.

With the mission of helping displaced families winding down, Scott began a new program to help the homeless and at-risk children of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Katrina disaster and the subsequent suffering helped solidify Scott’s philanthropic philosophy: Feed someone and save a life. That philosophy gave birth to the grassroots organization Caring 4 Kids Foundation, which today feeds hundreds of elementary school children each and every weekend.

His compassionate action has earned Scott numerous honors, including receiving a Congressional Record of Honor for “unparalleled commitment to serving others” and being appointed as an “International Peace Ambassador to the United Nations” for his work in eradicating extreme hunger and poverty.